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Thank you for visiting my site. Since 2012 my life has been directed by the idea of personal empowerment. I was shifting my awareness and perspective from my patterns of behavior of "whats in it for me" and realized that I feel far more inspired and empowered when I ask myself "how may I be of service". This new desire of how I wanted to be, led me to asking questions such as who am I? Why am I here? Why do I behave in ways that after the fact, I wanted to be different?

Through diligence and following the teachings of my partner Stephanie Banks www.stepanie-banks.com, I started to understand that if I became aware of my emotions and inner dialogue in response to situations; I could understand my habitual nature and at least attempt to refrain from reacting. Even though it was my intention to have this practice of awareness it was only about 50% of the time that I would catch myself and change my course. The other 50% of the time I would become aware only after I played out my patterns of behavior.

I have had many triumphs over the past five years in terms of understanding myself but knowing myself was a behavior prediction and not a solution. I now know through Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams work, that it is my subconscious beliefs that are running my show. PSYCH-K came into my awareness and I immediately signed up for the beginner course in hopes of understanding how to unlock all my potentials that seemed cluttered with chaotic behaviors. 

PSYCH-K has provided me with the freedom to be the change I want to see. Authenticity, self-love, self-worth, confidence, unconditional love, communication abilities,  understanding others and being understood but most importantly;  remaining open to all possibilities yet attached to none. Self awareness will always be a part of my journey in order to understand what beliefs I hold within. With the awareness of what my beliefs are I can then clearly understand which beliefs need to be rewritten for the purpose of inviting wholeness and abundance of all sorts into my life.

How may I be of service has been answered for me. I am honored and passionate about facilitating the belief change process through PSYCH-K with others, as it is creating richer and more passionate lives. Now you too hold your own keys to change, through PSYCH-K.

I am currently an advanced PSYCH-K facilitator and I also work closely with my partner Stephanie Banks as the host of our podcast Spiritually Naked www.bbsradio.com/spirituallynaked. Together Stephanie and I are on a journey to learn and teach all we can about the human experience. We live together in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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