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"Issue" Balancing:

For every pattern of behavior, whether it's an emotional, physical or mental reaction to an experience; it is tied to a belief or beliefs that you hold within you. Issue Balancing will allow you the opportunity to replace limiting beliefs that cause resistance to manifesting your desires and replace them with supportive beliefs that will allow for your desires to manifest. These can include, but are not limited to, issues associated with your parents, money, trust, confidence, health, spirituality, self worth, habitual patterns, habits, etc.

Alternative Life Balance:

The mind uses the same brain mechanisms in experiencing physical life and in imagination. The mind is capable of responding physically and emotionally to dreams, visualization and imagination as well as external perception. This means the body's chemistry can be affected by the mind. This balance allows you to transform what you are experiencing now ie: condition, experience, stress, trauma etc. to how you would prefer to experience it through changing your perception of it. 

Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance:

This balance is an efficient way to discover and change subconscious beliefs that may be blocking achievment of optimal health in your body, mind and spirit.

Aligning with the Principals of Nature Balance:

This process helps you internalize the wisdom of nature to create more harmony with life!  It is inspired by Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution.  Dr. Lipton describes the problem that modern culture is misaligned with the wisdom and principles of Nature.  Nature has much to teach us about living a satisfying, balanced and sustainable life.  Living in harmony with the principles of nature creates more joy, satisfaction and happiness because we are not resisting the natural order of the world we live in.  This balance will help align your subconscious mind with these principles so that you can more fully experience and embody these principles:

  • Collaboration                

  • Adaptation

  • Diversity

  • Harmony


Transforming Reactive Conditions:

This process may allow you to transform allergies.

Core Belief Balance: 

The Core Belief Balance is an efficient way to discover and change "core beliefs" that may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals in life. The balance includes thirteen pairs of belief statements that are important for you to be able to "own" at the subconscious level of the mind. These beliefs include such basic issues as self love, forgiveness, connection to Divine Intelligence, etc. It has proven very beneficial to do this balance as soon as the subconscious will accept the balance. It will help other changes be easier and simpler to make when these basic issues are supporting you instead of sabotaging you.

Rapport Balance:

The foundation for all effective communication is Rapport. Rapport occurs naturally when two or more people share a common reality. At its best, it is a condition of trust and respect that allows people to communicate openly and honestly. With rapport, communication is effortless and comfortable. Without rapport, something doesn't feel right. There is struggle and effort, and the conversation is often one long misunderstanding.


With whomever you are communicating, the goal in establishing rapport is to create a safe and supportive environment in which change or learning can take place. Having good rapport skills means being able to join someone in their version of reality both verbally and non-verbally. They will feel better understood and will respond with more cooperation. As you gain rapport, your own natural intuition about what is needed and wanted by others is heightened and you are certain to feel greater personal satisfaction with your interactions.



Relationship Balance:

This process is designed to deepen the understanding between individuals by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge them. It can be used for couples, parent/child relationships, friendships, or any other relationship such as with your health, authentic self, pets, business, the earth, creativity, intuition etc.. Belief points are used to identify the gifts and lessons each individual has to offer the other in the relationship. It encourages a whole-brain state whenever one sees, hears, or feels the presence of the relationship.


Life Bonding Balance:

The "trauma of birth" and the "fear of death" are two powerful aspects of human existence. This balance utilizes breath as a means of reprogramming any negative impact of these influences in your life. By directing the breath back and forth between two powerful centers (the Thymus center and the Hara point) in the body, you will learn to transform stress associated with your experience of  "birth" and your perception of "death."

PSYCH-K® session are typically 60 minutes, though if you have never experienced PSYCH-K® before, I suggest an initial 90 minute session to allow ample time for us to explore your desired direction.

In a PSYCH-K® session, we will discuss your current situation and your goals for change. Based on that information, we will identify your limiting beliefs and formulate self-enhancing belief statements based on your goals. We will balance for the new belief statements and test to assure that the new belief has been integrated into your subconscious mind. You will receive a written summary of the session's goals and beliefs via email.

PSYCH-K® can be done anywhere in the world. Sessions can be conducted in person with me in Kamloops, B.C. or by Skype or Zoom. 

For people interested in more profound transformation, I offer a package of four 60 minute sessions which can include advanced processes to balance for Principals of Nature, core beliefs, and life bonding, in addition to formulating individualized self-enhancing beliefs to suit your personal goals.



The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to changing beliefs. Its purpose is to activate the natural self-healing processes of the mind / body in order to complete, and not replace, ordinary, usual and normal treatments and medical treatments practiced by qualified doctors. The PSYCH-K process is not intended to carry out medical diagnosis. PSYCH-K is not even capable of treating, healing or curing affections, illnesses, physical disabilities, medical problems or psychic disorders in chronic or acute form. PSYCH-K does not in any way substitute for 

medical care or occupational therapies for mental problems. PSYCH-K is not a medical opinion, and should not be considered as such.


PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing does not create a patient-to-patient relationship.



What to Expect During a session

The benefits of PSYCH-K® are far-reaching. This simple, yet powerful technique to rewrite restrictive beliefs which affect all parts of our lives.  The PSYCH-K® technique can be used to help in:

  • health -- managing chronic conditions, allergies, menopause, addictions, weight loss

  • relationships -- parent, child, marriage, long term relationship, dating, managing divorce

  • career -- work-life balance, career transitions, starting a new business, leadership, salary negotiations

  • finances -- magnify wealth by improve beliefs about money and abundance, build financial independence

  • self-esteem, self-worth, and personal power, sense of peace, non-attachment

  • destructive habits and phobias

  • setting healthy boundaries -- at work and in personal life, self-care

  • stress and trauma -- abuse, PTSD, childhood trauma, reduce stress and anxiety

  • grief and loss -- grieving loved ones and pets, divorce, lay offs, moving, empty nest

  • social anxiety -- public speaking, dating

  • Increase -- Creativity, confidence, synchronicity, flow of life, inner peace, sleep, focus, spiritual development​

  • Cause and Effect

  • Resiliency

  • Balance

  • Interconectedness

  • Timing

  • Effective Use of Resources

  • More is Not Always Better